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Connect & Collaborate

for Chefs & Restaurants

Expansion Globalisation

We connect chefs and restaurants to investors and business partners, creating opportunities

for them to broaden their culinary horizons

and expand into new and overseas markets.

Other than handling pre-opening development and management, we also monitor procurement, supplies, cooking and training locally to maintain food quality, customer satisfaction and the reputation of the restaurants and chefs.  At our own gourmet studio equipped with the highest quality kitchenware, we are able to help chefs bring their signature dishes to the tables in different parts of the world and bring out the best of every delicacy.  

Partnership Opportunities

We open up opportunities and platforms to enable chefs and restaurants to fully utilize their skills, talents, established system and reputation by different collaboration and partnership models.



 & Operate

for Asset Owners



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for Gastronomers


Connect & 


for Chefs & Restaurants

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