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Develop & Operate

for Business & Real Estate Owners





We help our clients establish outlets and offerings that fit their visions, property styles and locations to achieve maximum efficiency and the best potential to profitability by guiding them every step from concept development until opening.

Concept Development

Devising strategies and a concept to make the outlet stand apart from competitors and at the same time achieving profitability and sustainability.

Brand Identity &

Market Positioning

Creating a message or story that the brand conveys, advising on customers' perception of clients' brands and analysing brand positioning.

Menu Engineering

Analysing data on dish popularity, price evaluation and costing, building a menu that is compatible with their concepts, guests expectations and profitability goals.

Menu Development

Dish selection and menu design.

Guest Experience Design

Understanding guests' needs and preferences and designing the customer's journey map and experience with the brand.

Operating Materials Creation

Developing systems to ensure a smooth

balancing and operation flow.



After we develop or rejuvenate the outlets, we offer ongoing operational services, overseeing the entire operation and day-to-day management, from budgeting, sourcing, inventory management and marketing to financial reporting and projections and cost control and analysis.  We have an established system to ensure quality control, menu updates, service level and exercise cost management.  

Catering Solutions

From time to time, we also provide personalised catering solutions for  institutions and companies.  

Kitchen & Front of House Design

Enhancing kitchen and front of house design efficiency  by advising on floor space and limitation and restaurant décor and ambience.

Staff & Training

Staff recruitment and training on all aspects including culinary, sommelier, service and management, offering human resources functions such as administration, payroll processes, and budgeting, staff evaluation and training.

Legal Compliance

Ensuring employment regulatory compliance and handling licensing issues.


Defining marketing strategy across different channels, managing public relations, logo and website designing, social media planning and management.



We also help existing outlets stay competitive, achieve optimization and create new offers.

SWOT Analysis

Analysing clients' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to optimize their business strategy.

Operation Audit

Carrying out a complete operational audit covering market elements and conditions, purchasing and supply processes and staff efficiency.

Culinary Assessments

Evaluating and improving the culinary experience.

Rebranding or

Brand Repositioning

Offering ideas to improve the image of the brand and keep the brand fresh.

Financial Analysis

Evaluating and optimizing the financial health of the business.

Menu & Guest Experience Upgrade

Creating new dishes and refreshing guest experience.



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