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About Us

and What We Do


Lifestyle Federation was founded  in Hong Kong as a hospitality and F&B advisor and operator focusing on premium lifestyle experience. Over the years, we have helped develop and rejuvenate numerous properties and F&B offerings and have linked up talents with interesting projects and opportunities in Hong Kong, Japan

and other parts of the world.  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is bringing in unique concepts and encouraging trends, while ensuring sustainability and profitability. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer personalized services and practical and comprehensive solutions to suit our client's individual goals and preferences.  


As gastronomes ourselves, we believe in simple yet creative and flavourful cooking using seasonal and fresh ingredients, which brings out the best original flavours of food. 

Our Business Concept

Our business model is built on integrating our diverse expertise, connection and passion. We offer personalised and practical solutions without compromising efficiency, practicability and profitability.  In helping our partners, we take into consideration the needs of all stakeholders involved. We see things from different perspectives as an operator, a chef, a creator, an owner, an investor and a future customer.  We use our combined experience and connection in culinary, food & beverage operations, real estate development, management, investment and financial analysis to offer a full range of customized services to all of the key players in a virtuous win-win cycle

Our Team

We are a team of professionals from multiple business sectors ranging from hospitality and culinary arts to property development. Our expertise and know-how from these backgrounds enable us to live up to our philosophy and carry out our business concept while working with our partners.  


Food & Beverage

Private Equity

Finance & Accounting

Property Development

Culinary Arts

Design & Production


Event Management




 & Operate

for Asset Owners



 & Serve

for Gastronomers


Connect & 


for Chefs & Restaurants

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